About our products

Handcrafted in Switzerland

All products are made from Swiss ostrich leather and are 100% made in Switzerland. Each article is a piece of art, masterfully crafted by Irene Meier at her Mouette workshop. Her keen sense of shape, proportion and attention to detail lends each piece a luxurious, exclusive touch. Each handbag is numbered, so if the bag changes owner, please let us know. Our product registry will thus allow us to follow the life of the ostrich bag.

Each article is unique

The unique qualities of ostrich leather have been known and appreciated for a long time. Products made of ostrich leather are robust, timeless and precious. This kind of leather is truly unique and among the most exclusive. It is exceptionally durable yet amazingly smooth.

Real ostrich leather

Ostrich leather can be identified by its characteristic dimpled surface. The dimples – on closer examination they feature a small opening in the middle – once held the ostrich’s feathers. This is the one characteristic that sets a real ostrich bag apart from the numerous copies with so-called ostrich patterns.

How to care for your bag

This precious article will give you great pleasure for many years, while not requiring much care. If you live in a rainy climate, we recommend that you waterproof your handbag. It should be completely dry before you start the process. Please follow the instructions of the care product manufacturer. From time to time, apply a neutral shoe polish with a soft cloth and rub in carefully. Do not use any grease or wax based products.

Any special requests?

Our articles are made from Swiss ostrich leather, and we are happy to customize them according to your specific needs.